Sarah Dousse, Executive Director

Sarah Dousse started at the ISW-SWE as an an advisor on development, partnerships and communication. She is now executive director for the movement, contributing to its advocacy work in many different areas.

A socioeconomist by training with a solid understanding of international development, particularly in the water and sanitation sector, her natural curiosity and desire for a challenge led her to work and study abroad. She has worked for local NGOs and for the water division of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). While at the SDC, she advocated for access to water and sanitation to be considered a human right, and for the inclusion of a specific water goal in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. She is a native of Switzerland.

Antonella Cagnolati, Institutional Relations Consultant

Antonella Cagnolati is responsible for institutional and international relations with Solidarity Water Europe, in particular with Strasbourg City Hall, the Council of Europe, the Euro-Region and the institutions of the European Union. She is particular engaged with the European youth water projects and SWE’s activities in Moldova.

An economist and European civil servant for over 30 years, Cagnolati was director of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, and manager of the environment, regional development and local authorities division of the Council’s Parliamentary Assembly. She currently works as an expert consultant in governance, local democracy and citizenship. She coordinated the 2013 and 2014 editions of the Council of Europe’s Lisbon Forums, which focused on the aftermath of the Arab Spring, electoral processes and democratic governance in Southern Mediterranean countries.

She is a co-founder of Solidarity Water Europe, incorporated in Strasbourg, France following the Blue Europe action plan that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe initiated in 1993-1994. A native of Italy, she is currently President of the ISW-SWE’s Board of Governors.

Olivier Normand, Program Coordinator for Central Asia

Olivier Normand is responsible for the ISW’s Central Asia programs, in particular in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.  He holds a law degree from the University Paris II Assas and a diploma from the Institute of Political Studies of Paris in political science, economics and sociology.

Throughout his career, Olivier has managed development projects around the world. Since 1996 he has mainly worked in Central Asia.

Laurie Fourneaux, Youth Program Coordinator

A Montreal native, Laurie holds degrees in political science and environmental science. During her studies she focused on water issues in Burkina Faso and worked in the local development sector before joining the ISW in 2009.

As youth programme coordinator she nourishes her passion for involving youth in the process of building a more sustainable world.

Vladimir Arana, Program Coordinator for the Americas

Vladimir coordinates the organization’s programs in the Americas, most recently in Peru. Vladimir has had a long and varied career as an expert advisor and consultant. Key roles he has occupied include: senior advisor at the Latin American Development Bank for water and infrastructure; senior advisor with CARE; advisor to the deputy minister for the Environment in Peru; general director of the Environment Bureau and General Director of Urban Planning in the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation; consultant for the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR); consultant for the International Potato Centre; consultant for CONDESAN; consultant for the World Bank, and university professor.

Anne-Catherine Mercuri, Project coordinator

A trilingual native of Strasbourg, France who is passionate about languages and multiculturalism, Anne-Catherine holds a master’s in international relations and cooperation from the University of Strasbourg. After her studies, a European volunteer service program brought her to Italy, where she spent a year with an Italian NGO as project coordinator for youth activities. Upon returning to her hometown, she joined Solidarity Water Europe in the summer of 2017 as a project coordinator.

Rémy Douguet, Coordinateur du projet d’amélioration de la gouvernance en Moldavie

Originally from Auvergne, Remy pursued his scientific studies in Montpellier where he obtained his engineering degree in the Water, Energy and Environment sector. His end-of-study internship as tender expert on water engineering in the Egis design office enabled him to acquire skills in project management in the water sector that got him his status as International Volunteer. He joined us in early May 2018 as such. Since then, he is coordinator of the Governance Improvement Project in the Nirnova Sub-Basin in Moldova, where he has been based since joining the organization.

Radouane Lamqaddam, Finance and development officer

With a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in political science, focus on cooperation and development, Radouane Lamqaddam is interested in the issues of professionalization, communication and legitimacy of non-governmental organizations. In order to deepen his understanding of the challenges faced by NGOs, he worked in fundraising.

Adrian Furculita, Deputy Coordinator in Moldova

Adrian is an expert in the field of sustainable territorial development focused on environmental governance and the rational use of natural resources in agricultural activity. He was trained at the Agricultural State University of Moldova, where he obtained a degree in territorial organization and a master’s degree in sustainable development of the rural environment. With a career of just over 5 years in various structures at different levels, as an engineer, policy analyst and / or independent consultant, he has a solid knowledge of the water and sanitation sector and the context of rural development. Adrian is now the Deputy Coordinator of the Governance Improvement Project in the Nirnova Sub-Basin in Moldova.