Vision, mission, values

Our Vision

The ISW-SWE movement envisions a world where everyone has access to a sustainable, safe supply of water and sanitation, while ensuring these resources are preserved for future generations. We believe that water is a source of development and shared prosperity, no matter what it’s used for.

Our Mission

Based on evolving knowledge, partnerships and creativity, the ISW-SWE movement develops initiatives mobilizing advocates for universal access to water and sanitation and resource preservation. We and our partners build bridges and open dialogue between all stakeholders — governments, civil society, education and private enterprise — while ensuring the principles of the Montreal Charter and Strasbourg Declaration are upheld. Our work is concentrated in small rural and semi-urban communities. We aim to contribute to regional development, using watersheds/hydrographical basins as our reference framework.

Our Values

The ISW-SWE movement is built around five shared principles that guide our actions:


ISW-SWE involves all stakeholders in the actions that affect them, regardless of their social, economic or material circumstances.


Members apply their efforts to the ISW-SWE’s mission, helping the movement achieve its objectives.


The ISW-SWE movement shares experiences and best practices so all stakeholders can enrich their knowledge and skill sets.


The members of the movement are loyal to the intentions, values and mission of ISW-SWE.

Emotional intelligence

ISW-SWE was built on the practice of emotional intelligence, a key mechanism for involving all stakeholders, initiating dialogue and giving depth and perspective to our actions.