The Youth for Water and Climate initiative


A digital platform to connect young water project leaders with expert help and advice.

The UN recognizes that youth engagement plays a key role in raising awareness and achieving Sustainable development goals related to poverty eradication, reducing inequalities and combating climate change. Since 2014, the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse, the Québec International Youth Offices, the Global Water Partnership and the International Water Secretariat have been mobilizing hundreds of young people on the issues related to climate change and water in 17 countries of la Francophonie. In each of these countries, young people characterized by their civic engagement and skills have been invited to carry out national surveys which have served as a basis for informing the White Paper in the context of COP 21 ("A Paris for water").

More than 50 proposals articulated in 4 pillars were developed by the young francophones and were presented to decision-makers and key stakeholders of the sector during COP21, COP22, the 2016 Francophonie Summit in Madagascar, as well as in several occasions both at the national and global level. Since then, many young people have developed concrete action projects locally to implement their recommendations in the spirit of the Paris Agreement in order to respond to the challenges of adaptation of their country and local populations to climate change. These young people are today the "International Network of Youth for Water and Climate".

Recognizing the strength of this mobilization and the willingness of the young people mobilized, numerous international, national and local partners joined forces to develop a Platform aimed at supporting the implementation of projects in relation to water and climate change, led by the future leaders. This platform brings together the resources to offer technical support so that the projects carried out by young people meet quality criteria as well as financing opportunities under a call for project mechanism.

Specifically, the platform aims to:

  1. Support young people in developing their project ideas and proposals in collaboration with global, regional and national technical partners;
  2. Facilitate the fundraising for projects run by young people through different transparent mechanisms (calls for projects, competitions, diffusion of funding offers, etc.);
  3. Facilitate youth advocacy to illustrate their contribution to the Sustainable development goals and the global climate agenda.

Visit the Youth for Water and Climate portal on the Global Water Partnerhip website:

  • More than 200 youth mobilized
  • A platform which reaches 1500 people
  • Presentation of youth positions in more than 25 different international events.



Water and Peace: Young Water Champions address high-level panel

Water is not just a climate or a development issue. Proper management of water resources is also essential to ensure security.. On September 14, the ISW’s Young Water Champions for Central Asia participated in the launch of the report from the Global High-Level Panel on Water and Peace, entitled A Matter of Survival. Bota Sharipova … Continue reading Water and Peace: Young Water Champions address high-level panel

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ISW @ COP23: Water Action Day

The ISW will be presenting at the opening of the official Water Action Day at COP23 this week. The day of high-level dialogue, panels and action puts water in the spotlight. The ISW will present Your Future, Your Climate (#TonFuturTonClimat) at the opening plenary session. The initiative supports three innovative youth-led micro-projects in West Africa … Continue reading ISW @ COP23: Water Action Day

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Youth for Water and Climate platform launches

On August 29, the Youth for Water and Climate movement launched their long-awaited platform at the Stockholm World Water Week.  The goal of #YWC is to help youth develop concepts and proposals, facilitate fundraising, and promote contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals and climate agendas. We are building an online platform to connect young leaders with potential donors … Continue reading Youth for Water and Climate platform launches

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The Swiss Cooperation is supporting the development of our Youth Strategy

The ISW-SWE movement has been involved for more than 20 years in the development of programs for young people, notably through the Youth Parliaments for Water (EYPW, WYPW), enabling young people to be actively involved and bringing their voice to the water sector. To solidify these programs, to diversify the interventions with young people and … Continue reading The Swiss Cooperation is supporting the development of our Youth Strategy

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COP22 Marrakech


ISW-SWE at COP22! The 22nd Conference of the Parties of the United Nation Framework Convention on Climate Change approaching! From 7 to 18 November in Marrakech in Morocco, the Parties will meet once again to ensure the continuation of the Paris Agreement. The agreement reached at the COP21 last December in Paris is coming into force … Continue reading ISW-SWE at COP22

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COP21: Launch of the White Paper and presentation to Ségolène Royal

The WYPW has been involved for the past year in drafting a white paper alongside the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse and the Global Water Partnership. Bringing together around fifty young french speakers from the four corners of the world, the project aims to present the ideas and potential actions for youth around water issues … Continue reading COP21: Launch of the White Paper and presentation to Ségolène Royal

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