Sonja Behmel – ENG

Sonja Behmel is a geographer specializing in limnology and holds a PhD in land use planning and regional development. With many years of experience in water management in Canada and Europe, she is actively involved in research and innovation and in the training of the next generation, in addition to being the author of numerous scientific publications. For more than 10 years, Dr. Behmel has also distinguished herself as Agiro’s scientific coordinator and as a volunteer in various organizations dedicated to water protection, both here and abroad. Over the years, she has won numerous awards for the quality of her work, both scientific and entrepreneurial.

In 2013, in partnership with academics and business people, she founded WaterShed Monitoring, a company that aims to provide stakeholders involved in integrated water management with innovative technological solutions to meet the challenges of storing and analyzing water quality data, while offering optimization and coaching services to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge to meet the needs of water management, land use planning, and scientific research. To this end, WaterShed Monitoring develops and markets EnkiMD, a one-stop shop for water data access based on the principles of “intelligent community” and “learning community”.