Elisabeth Wild-en

In 2000, Elisabeth Wild had the honour to accompany and assist Raymond Jost as a volunteer, sharing his desire to serve the poor to ensure their rights to clean water, sanitation and shared prosperity. She continued these activities in earnest after retiring in 2013 from a teaching career in France, the United States and Montreal.

Elisabeth has participated many conferences and events in the last 16 years: the 11th European Conference for Water in Hungary, the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, the World Youth Parliament for Water (Quebec 2002, Marseilles 2012), global Water Forums in Kyoto, Istanbul, and Marseilles; the Project of the Great Lakes-St Lawrence and the Gulf Symphony (2012) and its exhibition “Major Cities / Great Lakes / Great Basin” in Chicago, Baie Saint-Paul (2014) and Paris (2015). She also assisted with communications for the launch of the Drop of Hope hot air ballon, the watering can and giant clock displayed in front of the United Nations in New York. She has given workshops on various topics in Montreal, Strasbourg and Paris.