Vision, mission, values

Our Vision

Our vision is of a world where everyone has universal and sustainable access to drinking water and sanitation, while at the same time preserving water resources.

Our vision gives more room for a systemic approach to water issues, which has become increasingly important in the sector’s perspectives and actions. This evolution materialized the broadening, over the years, of the scope of the ISW-SWE beyond the issues of drinking water access, hygiene and sanitation.

2035 Vision: A world in which water is accessible to all in an equitable manner, promoting the empowerment of local actors and cooperation between countries, generations and institutions.

Our Mission

To initiate, facilitate and implement systemic changes for a sustainable governance of water from a local to a global level and to promote the empowerment of actors involved in its management and protection.

The scope of our action

We are involved with civil society, citizens, public institutions and decision-makers, mainly on behalf of disadvantaged and marginalized people on all five continents. The ISW-SWE is attentive to gender equality issues dans is committed to the mobilization of civil society and the development of the “youth movement for water”.

Our Values

We are a bold, change-accelerating, accessible, engaged organization with the ablity to facilitate relationships. The following values guide our actions:


We respect singularity and otherness. We are at the service of other actors to facilitate concerted actions and are guided by a willingness to collaborate within the framework of common and unifying objectives.


We carry out our actions with conviction and are fully mobilized for the transparent and effective implementation of our mission.


Creativity and innovation are at the heart of our actions and we are not afraid to think outside the box. Having implemented several innovative ideas that have now progressed, we intend to conitnue along this path, always seeking to contribute in a different way.


We accompany the action of other actors (BY), putting ourselves at the service of these other actors (FOR) and acting with them in a spirit of complementarity and tenfold influence (WITH). We catalyze partnerships between actors from all over the world with different experiences and approaches or specialities.

Furthermore, gender equality and cooperation between generations are values transversal to our action. Choosing these values means establishing them as ethical principles and respecting them in our daily actions and decisions.