We mobilize, connect and support young water leaders from 18-27 with the courage and spirit to stand up for water in their community and internationally. Our global networks and initiatives allow them to unlock their capacities as agents of change and adapt to complex new challenges, while speaking with a strong voice.

#WaterGeneration is the ISW-SWE’s youth strategy for 2017-2022. Over the next five years we will work to build a movement for action with innovative programs and a resource centre.

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Youth projects around the world

The Youth for Water and Climate Platform

  A platform to connect young water project leaders with technical and financial support. The UN recognizes that youth engagement plays a key role in raising awareness and achieving Sustainable development goals related to poverty eradication, reducing inequalities and combating climate change. Since 2014, the Office franco-québécois pour la jeunesse, the Québec International Youth Offices, … Continue reading The Youth for Water and Climate Platform

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Your Future, Your Climate consists of three youth-led micro-enterprises to build agricultural capacity and strengthen resilience against climate change. In Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo.

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Youth for Water and Peace

An online platform for peace, in collaboration with the Geneva Water Hub On the occasion of the 8th World Water Forum (18-23 March 2018, Brasília, Brazil), the Geneva Water Hub (GWH), the International Secretariat for Water – Solidarity Water Europe (ISW-SWE) and the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) signed a Charter to formalize their collaboration through an Internet platform dedicated … Continue reading Youth for Water and Peace

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Youth Voices Policy Choices

Youth Voices Policy Choices (YVPC) aims at empowering the new generation of water leaders, building trust and motivating them to become agents of change at different levels, starting at their own communities. By providing an open space for discussion, Youth Voices Policy Choices creates synergies between stakeholders, who debate and learn from one another. Emerging … Continue reading Youth Voices Policy Choices

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