Advocacy and Awareness Raising

We work to influence decision makers and the public on key water issues. When we see an opportunity to amplify the voices of the disadvantaged, we ensure that their knowledge and expertise are a vital part of practical and political solutions.

These are some of the themes we target:

  • The right of universal access to water and sanitation
  • The basin management approach as a method of integrating water supply and sanitation management
  • Stakeholder inclusion in the decision making process
  • Decentralized financing mechanisms
  • Cross border water governance
  • Shared prosperity
  • Water and peace
  • Water and culture

Blue Book

Blue Books provide independent analysis of a country’s water management environment. They are especially focused on access to water and sanitation and the management of water resources. The Books take a critical look at sector strategy, policies, and stakeholder roles and capacities. The Books are drafted by committed citizens from government, the private sector and … Continue reading Blue Book

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Water Messengers

Through its Water Messengers campaign, ISW seeks to give everyone the chance to have their voice heard as regards water and sanitation, and thus to encourage decision-makers to realise how important water is for citizens of the world. Anyone can contribute to this campaign: register your message for water on the Website in three simple … Continue reading Water Messengers

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Great-lakes-Saint-Lawrence-Gulf Symphony

The Great-Lakes-Saint-Lawrence-Gulf Symphony is a citizen-led initiative that aims to raise public awareness around the importance of living in the hydrographical basin of the Great Lakes, the Saint Lawrence River and the Saint Lawrence gulf, of protecting that resource and above all, of building cross-border ties among citizens. The Great-Lakes-Saint-Lawrence-Gulf Symphony project envisions: Building a … Continue reading Great-lakes-Saint-Lawrence-Gulf Symphony

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Blue Passport  

The Blue Passport is a recognition of people’s involvement in protecting, using, conserving and managing water. At the same time, it’s a reminder to fulfil one’s duty towards one’s hydrographical basin. The Blue Passport can be used as a tool to facilitate awareness-raising and decision-making regarding basin issues. The Blue Passport can be given to: … Continue reading Blue Passport  

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European platform for decentralised financing mechanisms and solidarity for water

During the 6th World Water Forum held in Marseille in 2012, SWE was closely involved in promoting the principle of 1% in solidarity for water in Europe. Indeed, the French Oudin-Santini law authorises French local authorities, public inter-district establishments and water or sanitation authorities to mobilise up to 1% of their water and sanitation budget … Continue reading European platform for decentralised financing mechanisms and solidarity for water

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