Past projects

Proud of their 25 year history, ISW and SWE have led several projects that have had a positive impact on improving access to drinking water and sanitation and to involving different stakeholders for participative resource management.

Today complete, these projects have contributed to the development of ISW and SWE’s expertise and know-how.

Water Sentinels

Jointly led by the International Secretariat for water, EcoMaris and Wapikoni mobile, the Water Sentinels is a project involving Indigenous youth aged 15 to 30 from the Algonquines, Ilnu and Attikamekw Nations living in five different communities in Quebec. The objective: to raise Indigenous communities’ awareness of local, national and international water issues and to … Continue reading Water Sentinels

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Youth Voices Policy Choices

Youth Voices Policy Choices (YVPC) aims at empowering the new generation of water leaders, building trust and motivating them to become agents of change at different levels, starting at their own communities. By providing an open space for discussion, Youth Voices Policy Choices creates synergies between stakeholders, who debate and learn from one another. Emerging … Continue reading Youth Voices Policy Choices

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Water and sanitation programme in Moldova 2011-2017

We has been working in Moldova at a local level in the villages and at national level. Activities include access to safe water, sanitation, building capacities and strengthening governance for better management. It also runs youth activities through the development of a youth awareness-raising platform. More specifically, SWE seeks to improve the living conditions for … Continue reading Water and sanitation programme in Moldova 2011-2017

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