L’Appel de l’Eau

The International Secretariat for Water-Solidarity Water Europe is pleased to collaborate with Fanny Dangelser, a French visual artist whose creations are intimately linked to water. For several years, she has been exploring this theme through different artistic practices, making this essential resource a privileged path towards self-awareness and a return to Nature.

Following the publication of her new artistic creation “Elle est – la Déesse de la Mer” in June 2020, Fanny has chosen to donate part of the sales to an association committed to water.

Aware of the potential of the arts in the perception of water-related issues, the ISW-SWE would like to thank Fanny Dangelser for her trust and proposes that you learn more about her work and her approach through these few lines.

How is water a source of inspiration for you?

Water is still a very mysterious element. Many researchers have proven that it reacts instantly to thoughts and words in its very structure, in its crystalline composition. As the main constituent of the planet and of our bodies to the extent of 70%, water is still a “new continent” to be explored. 

 A few years ago, my universe collapsed. Following this ordeal, I felt the call of my soul to live a life in harmony with it. Step by step, I transformed my whole life by giving priority to my deepest aspirations, my inner universe. I discovered that my soul speaks the language of water. By placing Art and Nature at the heart of my existence, a common thread has developed around an artistic approach linked to an awareness of the sacred of Nature and the Feminine. 

How does this inspiration translate into your artistic practice?

I have explored different artistic practices (ceramics, photography, painting, writing, …) to express this creativity. I have always been in communion with the elements but I lived a “magic” or “graceful” moment in the water of a high altitude lake in Ardèche in 2015. Later, in 2018, I felt a strong call from the Water and went to Brittany to experience a reconnection with the world of the Ocean.

A multi-faceted exhibition “Le Féminin de l’Ô” allowed me to share these different inspirations in March 2019. And then, as an extension, I composed the ”bal des Sirènes”, a poetic tale in 6 paintings that tells us about the harmonious reunification of the Feminine and the Masculine. 

Can you tell us more about your latest creation?

During the confinement this spring, I felt it was important to create and share an artistic booklet, with a first excerpt from the ”Bal des sirènes” (“Elle est – la déesse de la Mer”) which was self-published in June 2020. Conceived as an artistic object, this booklet reminds us of the essential dimension of Water. I hope that this creation inspires us to respect and honor Water – and to rediscover its creative power.

Since its creation, the ISW-SWE has been committed to promoting water as a source of creativity. Several of our initiatives, such as the International Water-Cinema Meetings, the Great Lakes Symphony or Imagine Blue Peace, have also placed images, video, and audio at the heart of our commitment approach.
Today, this partnership with Fanny Anastasia Dangelser allows us to highlight another way of exploring the theme of water and to reaffirm together the importance of this universal right to clean water.

If you wish, you can acquire the artistic booklet “Elle est – La Déesse de la Mer” /or a messenger card ”de l’Ô” on request by email fanny@musesennature.com or by following this link.

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And soon to be published: “Même si tu sais”, a second booklet of the ”Bal des Sirènes”