A new milestone for our Nirnova River Basin project in Moldova

As a result of a close collaboration between the SEE teams and the European EUWI+ project, a water and sanitation master plan is now available for the villages of the Nirnova river basin! A valuable planning document with high added value for the territorial development of the basin.

The need for qualitative water supply and sanitation services in urban areas, especially in rural areas of the Republic of Moldova, is urgent. Compared to the neighboring countries, in Moldova there is still a limited access to such services. The current investments are insufficient and are simplified to the localities that are already covered by infrastructure. In such a context, where the need for water supply and sanitation services is so great and the water and financial resources are limited, it is essential to plan and prioritize investments.

Led by the European project EUWI+, the master plan was carried out by a local consortium of companies with the support of Solidarité Eau Europe. A total of twenty local public authorities benefit from this planning document, providing local administrations with a clear overview of the water and sanitation sector, as well as concrete development proposals to supply water to the different localities.

All stakeholders stressed the importance of the planning document which will help local public authorities to facilitate the improvement of water and sanitation services in the localities by having at hand technical, financial and institutional development options and strategies.


“Thanks to the European contribution through EUWI+ and Solidarité Eau Europe, the communities of the Nirnova River Basin will benefit from improved water supply and sanitation services through the implementation of this master plan. I would like to warmly thank the donors and consultants for their support in solving the problems we mayors face in improving the water supply and sanitation sector.”  Vladimir Bodean, mayor of Siscani commune, Nisporeni, Nirnova river basin.

Vladimir Bodean, Mayor of Siscani commune, Nisporeni, Nirnova River Basin.Workshop – consultation on the draft master plan for water supply and sanitation in the Nirnova basin ©OiEau


The master plan, which we supported the development of with the support of OiEau for EUWI+, is the product of our pilot project in the Nirnova River Basin and is part of a larger program for the management of the Danube-Prut and Black Sea river basins where EUWI+ is updating the water resources management plan.

Thanks to our partners for supporting our action program in Moldova