A new milestone for our Nirnova River Basin project in Moldova

The master plan is part of our water and sanitation program, where we are working with national, regional and local authorities to ensure and sustainably improve access to water and sanitation in the municipalities of the Nirnova Valley in Moldova. The program, which is articulated on three axes, namely infrastructure development, good governance and capitalization, focuses on the 31 villages of the river basin, impacting nearly 40,000 inhabitants. You can learn more about the program here.

A new important step has been taken in our project in the Nirnova River Basin in Moldova: the master plan for the water supply and sanitation systems is now available. This latest version, to be approved by the Hincesti and Nisporeni Raion Councils in May 2021, has been coordinated with the national and regional authorities and represents an important tool for the local authorities. By providing technical, financial, and institutional strategies, the plan will help local authorities facilitate access to water and sanitation services.  

All stakeholders emphasized the importance of the planning document, which will help local public authorities facilitate the improvement of water and sanitation services in localities by having technical, financial, and institutional options and strategies at their fingertips.

“Thanks to the European contribution through EUWI+ and Solidarity Water Europe, the Nirnova river basin communities will benefit from improvement in water supply and sanitation services through the implementation of this Master Plan. I would like to express my warmest thanks to the donors and consultants for their support to solve the issues we mayors are facing to improve the water supply and sanitation sector.” 

Vladimir Bodean, Mayor of Siscani commune, Nisporeni, Nirnova River Basin.

Workshop – consultation on the draft Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plan for the Nirnova Basin ©OiEau

The master plan, which we supported the development of with the support of OiEau for EUWI+, is the product of our pilot project in the Nirnova River Basin and is part of a larger program for the management of the Danube-Prut and Black Sea river basins where EUWI+ is updating the water resources management plan.