Sporting challenge for the Danube protection

From 26 to 29 June 2019, three young engineers working for SWE in Moldova and supported by the EUWI+ project, set themselves the challenge of cycling the distance from Nemteni to Giurgiulesti (Moldova), where the Danube Day will take place on 29thJune.

The Danube Day celebrates the 25thanniversary of the ratification of the Danube River Protection Convention, signed in 1994 under the aegis of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. Hundreds of events are organized each year on this occasion in order to raise public awareness of the different issues related to the river and its hydrographic basin, the largest in Europe.

The route, which represents 180 km, will be as follows :

  • Departure on Wednesday 26thin the morning, from Nemteni, one of the villages belonging to the Nirnova basin and in which SWE has the project of building a constructed wetland for the wastewater treatment.
  • Step to Leova on the night of 26thto 27thand visit of the pumping station and the retention basin for irrigation constructed by SADE Moldova.
  • Step to Cahul on the night of 27thto 28thand visit of some EcoSan toilet blocks installed by the ApaSan project.
  • Step to Beleu Lake for the night of 28thto 29th, and activities around the actions carried out by EUWI+ for the protection of the natural environment and wildlife around this lake.
  • Arrival on the morning of the 29thin Giurgiulesti, a triple point where Moldova has borders with Romania and Ukraine, and where the International Port of the city is the location of the Danube Day event.

The aim of this sporting challenge is also to mobilize local youth on water and sanitation issues in their country. Anyone interested in the challenge is invited to join us !

Solidarity Water Europe (SWE) has been active in Moldova for more than 10 years. Since 2017, it has carried out the project “Access to drinking water and sanitation in the villages of the Nirnova basin” in Moldova. The project aims to build sustainable infrastructures that will provides better access to clean water and sanitation while ensuring the protection of the water resource. On the other hand, SWE wants to promote the establishment of more effective local water governance, based on inter-communal cooperation and the municipalities’ resources mutualization.


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