Water is the major social and ecological issue of the 21st century. All stakeholders acknowledge the significant challenges we face in implementing the human rights to water and sanitation and in managing our water resources in an equitable and sustainable way.

Although water is primarily managed locally, the water crisis is GLOBAL: the entire international community is concerned. The World Water Forum, to be held from 21 to 26 March 2022 in Dakar, Senegal, is a key step towards the United Nations Water Conference in March 2023, where all States will be gathered.

Our recommendations to the States and the international community:

The members of the Butterfly Effect NGO coalition call for a global response to the water crisis!

5 concrete political changes are necessary:

  1. A stronger political will
  2. Stronger water governance
  3. Actively involved citizens and civil society
  4. Strong and transparent financial commitments
  5. A renewed multilateral framework
Our process:

These demands are the result of a participatory advocacy process led for almost a year by the international NGO coalition of the Butterfly Effect. This process, which was conducted from the local to the global level, mobilized more than 200 participants from civil society in the water sector from all 5 continents.

Our messages were developed through a consultation of our members and 6 online workshops coordinated by regional water civil society networks. The results of these workshops are compiled in a detailed synthesis.

Our final proposals are gathered in this policy position paper.

With the World Water Forum approaching and the UN Water Conference just one year away, we expect a global awakening of States to face the water crisis!

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