COP25 Recap

The COP25 in Madrid has now ended – the discussions and the sharing of knowledge were inspiring.

We’re glad to have met citizens, youth and institutional representatives open, involved and promoters of novel ideas, notably regarding the adaptation of vulnerable populations facing the impacts of climate change.

Influencing in four official events

As part of our participation to the COP25, we had the chance to present our projects and initiatives in several events and influenced attending actors for a larger consideration of Water as central to issues related to climate. We have also worked hard to position young people as a key player in the implementation of solutions for a more sustainable and inclusive world.

The solutions of francophone stakeholders in the field of water – French Water Partnership

The event was an opportunity to present our experiences in community-based water management, by reinforcing the capacity of the civil society, including youth. We presented our project of hydrological resilience in Peru, where we’re working on a new water governance and on the adaptation of indigenous populations to climate change.

More information on our project in Peru here

Access the Time to take action booklet by the FWP here

Bottom-up approach in scenarios of uncertain governance – Organisation International de la Francophonie (OIF)

In this event, we presented our bottom-up approach to reinforce the participation of the civil society and youth in the fight against climate change. It’s with great success that we’re using this approach in our projects in Latin America, Central Asia, West Africa and Eastern Europe.

The presentation was followed by dynamic exchanges, recognizing that the adaption to climate change by community-based water management, including youth, gives more sustainable results.

Youth for water and climate – EUROCLIMA+

We then went more in-depth on the role of youth and the importance of an intergenerational approach in the event Youth for water and climate, a bottom-up adaption in scenarios of uncertain governance. Two members of our World Youth Parliament for Water network joined us, Pippi Von Ommen (Netherlands) and Adelin pierre (Haiti). It was great opportunity to reaffirm the need to institutionalize the involvement of youth in the policy-making process regarding water and climate, and this, at all levels.

View the full conference here

The Role of Civil Society in decarbonization – Instituto para la Diversification y Ahorro de la Energia (IDEA)

An inspiring discussion of the ecological transition and the adaptation to climate change by renewable energy. As participants to the event, we underlined that the involvement of youth as agents of change is key, as well as the institutionalization of citizen participation to decision making. It is necessary to consider the populations impacted by climate change and the economic reality – an agenda of decarbonization needs to by combined to an agenda of adaptation.


The participation of youth of our network and ours, to the COP25 enabled us to reinforce the consideration of the role of water and hydrological resilience in climate change as well as reinforce the importance of the role of the civil society and youth in changing public policy.

Thank-you to our partners !

We would like to point out that our presence was made possible thanks to the support of MELCC (Ministry of the Environment and Fight against Climate Change in Quebec).