European Youth Parliament for Water presented to the Club of Strasbourg

The members of the Club of Strasbourg, an international association of EU mayors, learned about the success of the 14th European Youth Parliament for Water last week during their 2017 meeting. This year’s theme was How to Rebuild Trust with European Citizens.

Solidarity Water Europe was invited to present the Parliament to the Club members Thursday, and showed them a recap video of the event held from October 1-7 in Rovereto, Italy, on the theme of Water and Peace.  SWE President Antonella Cagnolati was present at the meeting.

Cagnolati emphasized the valuable contribution of the Parliaments in raising awareness on water-related issues and the need for universal access. The events foster an active and accountable youth citizenry, build solidarity between nations and encourage European and international cooperation.

Attendees included Roland Ries, mayor of Strasbourg, France where SWE is based, and mayors from over 14 countries. In his remarks, Ries affirmed the vital importance of youth initiatives like the Parliament in building and maintaining citizens’ trust.

The Club of Strasbourg promotes the European values of democracy, intercultural dialogue, and respect for human rights and minorities. Founded in 2003, the Club organizes an annual meeting of mayors of over 60 cities inside and outside the EU. Rovereto, Italy, the host city of the 14th Parliament, is a member of the Club.

The event was held on November 9 at Strasbourg City Hall.

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