Your Future, Your Climate gets noticed at COP23

The ISW had a busy week at the COP23 climate change conference, presenting its flagship water and climate initiatives. On November 13, the conference’s final day, we participated in Québec in the francophone sphere: challenges and opportunities for climate cooperation, organized by the government of Quebec, La Francophonie and LOJIQ, and held at the La Francophonie pavilion.

We presented our youth projects for the fight against climate change in the presence of Isabelle Melançon, Quebec’s minister for sustainable development, the environment and the fight against climate change; Jean Lemire, the Quebec emissary for climate change; and Jean Pierre Ndotoum, director of La Francophonie Institute for Sustainable Development. Our project Your Future, Your Climat (#TonFuturTonClimat), funded by Quebec’s Green Fund, was noted as standout initiative for its innovation and high quality of partnerships. The project and the Fund fall under the umbrella of the International Program for Climate Cooperation (PCCI).

Jean Lemire, Quebec’s climate change emissary, with the ISW’s Hannane Sellali.

#TonFuturTonClimat is an initiative supporting three youth-led micro-projects in the West African countries of Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo. The micro-projects strengthen agricultural capacities and reinforce resilience against climate change. Preparations are already underway, with construction set to begin in 2018.

This project was made possible thanks to the financial support of the government of Québec, as part of the 2013-2020 Action Plan on Climate Change, financed by the Fonds vert.