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From March 22 to 24, a UN intergovernmental conference dedicated to addressing global water issues  will be held in New York City for the first time in 46 years!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rally around our most precious and finite resource ‘’water’’ and give us the chance to solve the water crisis.

In the lead up to the UN 2023 Water Conference, youth and allies from all over the world have come together to create a movement for water that the world can no longer ignore.

Alongside the hundreds of youth organizations and allies, we are very glad to officially launch the #FillUpTheGlass campaign.  

Bringing together the voices of millions of young water changemakers and allies from around the globe, this campaign will aim to inspire action and bold politics, at all levels, and show that if we come together across sectors, generations and continents, we can #FillUpTheGlass.

Share this campaign. Join our movement. Every action counts. You can make a difference.

Catalysed by the International Secretariat for Water, the Global Youth Movement for Water brings together 370 youth-led organizations and allies, to influence decision-makers, increase our youth’s negotiating power and encourage action around the globe.

Youth can’t miss their chance to raise their voice and demand immediate change to preserve their future. Therefore, the International Secretariat for Water is proud to support this movement.

To read the position paper of the youth movement towards the UN2023 Water Conference. 

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This campaign was created by, for & with the hundreds of organizations of the Global Youth Movement for Water, catalyzed by the International Secretariat for Water and supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation & the Kingdom of the Netherlands.