Implementation of a project by the National Youth Parliament for Water-Togo

The International Secretariat for Water (ISW) welcomes the project “Climate Saturdays: Talking and Acting with Young People” implemented by the National Youth Parliament for Water – Togo. The project was selected as part of a competition organized by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) at the COP22 following the deposit of the White Paper “A Paris for Water” filed by Francophone youth.

This project aims to involve young people in “climate-compatible” actions, actions that are in line with the objectives of combating global warming. The instigator of the project, Flamay Yaovi Ahiafor, chairman of the PNJE-Togo, is a member of the WYPW and the ISW is proud to be a partner of the project.

Information and awareness-raising activities will take place from March to May 2017. They will focus on climate change, sustainable development and the right to water. Details of the project are to be discovered in this report: