Installation of Ecosan blocks in Moldovan schools

Action in the region of Nisporeni

Sanitation projects in the basin of the Nirnova
2nd Phase 2014-2016.

Installation of Ecosan blocks in  the schools of three villages (Vinatori, Calimanesti and Marinici)

How did this work?

Since 2011, on request of the Nisporeni District Council SEE-EIS and its partners * (SIAAP, AERM, SKAT, … SEAM) conducting activities in the villages of the basin Nirnova to significantly improve the health conditions of populations said villages. The project began in 2011 with the development of a sanitation master plan approved in April 2014 at a meeting in Nisporeni with the different actors involved. After this first phase, SEE-SIE decided to continue these actions with a second project phase (2014-2016) aimed at the implementation of Ecosan block in schools in three villages of the basin Nirnova .

Projet Moldavie École 1

These toilets are to improve the quality of life, reduce the incidence of waterborne diseases and contribute to the dignity of about 800 students and teachers from three schools.

Projet Moldavie École 2 Projet Moldavie École 3Projet Moldavie École 4 Projet Moldavie École 5

Projet Moldavie École 6 Projet Moldavie École 7

This Phase 2 project enabled the SEE-SIE win the trust of the technical, financial and institutional partners as well as to deepen their knowledge on issues related to access to safe drinking water and sanitation of the villages basin and launch a new project phase that is more structural in terms of actions to perform and also in terms of territorial scope (the region of Nisporeni and Hincesti). The new project will be based on an integrated and participatory approach, it will begin in October 2016 and will run for 18 months. It will involve three components:
• Technique
• Institutional
• Governance

*With whom?
It is coordinated by the SEE-SIE and sees the participation of partners * Historic and also others who have joined the action, such as:

  • Inter-Union Clean Paris area (SIAAP)
  • Water Agency Rhin Meuse (AERM)
  • Water Agency Artois Picardie (AEAP)
  • Skat Foundation (with its APASAN project)
  • Regional Council of Nisporeni
  • The mayors of villages of Vinatori, Calimanesti and Marinici
  • Solidaritate Europeană pentru apa în Moldova (SEAM)