8th World Water Forum – 2nd Stakeholders meeting

The Butterfly Effect, as coordinator of the theme PEOPLE of the next World Water Forum, was present at the 2nd Stakeholders Consultation Meeting held on 26 and 27 April in Brasilia.

Together with the other Theme Coordinators, CAESB, FUNASA and AQUAFED, the Butterfly Effect, reprensented by the ISW-SWE, conducted a discussion and brainstorming session with stakeholders from several regions of the world, with a large participation of Brazilian organizations.

Together, they were able to work on the topics of the theme («Water for all», «Sanitation for all» and «Health for all») and identify the most important issues to be addressed for each one.

In the coming weeks, each topic will be further developed with the organizers of the Forum. For each topic, the coordinators will ensure the development of enriching sessions including diverse stakeholders, including a strong participation of civil society organizations.

2nd Stakeholders Meeting Brasilia
2nd Stakeholders Meeting Brasilia