Completion the first phase of the project in Peru

Completion of the first phase of the project « Access to Water Supply and Sanitation in a rural area with a basin’s approach in the Cuchoquesera community, Ayacucho, Peru»

The ISW/SWE is happy to announce the completion of the ecological sanitation stage (including showers) in the Cuchoquesera community at 4,000 meters of altitude, in Ayacucho, Peru. The water supply system construction ended up in June 2015.

There are 127 families of this strongly marginalized, remote and forgotten community of the Peruvian Andes,  that could now benefit from basic water supply and sanitation services. Some members of the community, especially children, will have the opportunity to take a shower for the first time in their lives. Water is life and sanitation is dignity!

Throughout this project, the ISW/SWE contributes to positively change the life of the poorests – our primary mission. The Cuchoquesera community thanks the SIE/SEE movement and partners. This project has been possible thanks to the contribution of the Seine-Normandy Water Agency (AESN), the Canadian fondation Wings of Hope and the Dieppe Nord Water and Sanitation Syndicate, as well as the Peruvian NGOs SER and Agua-C.  

Based on the excellent results of the first phase, we are preparing a second one and we will be pleased to communicate the details soon! To be continued…

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