Facilitation of a high-level Moldovan mission to France

Since 2016, we have been developing with the support of various partners the project “Access to drinking water and sanitation in the villages of the Nirnova River Basin” in Moldova. The project’s action area is a mainly rural space comprising 30 municipalities spread over two raions (administrative entities-departments): Hincesti and Nisporeni.

Our project was thought according to a double approach:

  1. By means of a de facto intercommunality, the implementation of “governance tools” which will eventually ensure the sustainability of local water and sanitation management, thus guaranteeing the quality and quantity of the water resource in the long term.
  2. The realization of local development projects based on the implementation of works or infrastructures allowing to improve the access to a quality water resource or to adequate sanitation services.


While Moldova is engaged in an unprecedented and ambitious reform process on the way to European integration, Solidarity Water Europe organized last March, within the framework of its project dedicated to the reinforcement of local governance, a mission involving representatives of Moldovan local and national authorities. In particular, Mrs. Larisa VOLOH, Member of Parliament and President of the Parliamentary Committee on Public Administration, Mrs. Diana CHIRIAC, Advisor to the Prime Minister at the State Chancellery, Mayors of the Nirnova River Basin and a representative of the Apele Moldovei Water Agency took part in this mission.


This mission has already allowed recording concrete results

  • The sharing of experiences organized at all levels of public and political action: from the local level to the national and European level on access to public services, the pooling of skills and territorial development.
  • The preparation of the registration of the municipalities of the Nirnova Basin as Moldavian inter-municipalities within the framework of the law on the Associations of Inter-municipal Development (ADI) carried by Larisa VOLOH and promulgated by President Maia SANDU.
  • The strengthening of cooperation in the field of water resource management through the signature of an ambitious agreement between the Artois Picardy Water Agency and the Apele Moldovei Agency.

Signature of the Interagency Cooperation Agreement by Thierry VATIN, Director General of the Artois Picardy Water Agency and Radu STRATUTA, Deputy Director of the Apele Moldovei Water Agency.

Finally, this mission allowed us to initiate exchanges with new partners for the development of our actions in the service of the citizens of Moldova, such as the French Development Agency and the Delegation for the External Action of the Territorial Communities.

This mission encourages us to continue and strengthen our mobilization in the weeks and months to come.

Our organization benefits for its action in Moldova from the faithful support of several partners without whom the developments of the project would not have been possible:

Discover also this mission in video: https://clipchamp.com/watch/TP35IIrLNgw