Agenda for the upcoming 2nd Mayors’ meeting – a new governance framework in the Nirnova basin in Moldova

Moldova is one of the poorest countries of Eastern Europe. In rural communities, water quality is very poor and far from meeting human rights criteria.

Acting on different aspects, especially on inclusive and participative governance, we have implemented with our local and international partners a platform of mayors, which brings together elected Moldovan representatives and French partners to promote exchanges and consultation on Water Management.

For this purpose, the 2nd Mayors’ meeting will take place on November 7, in Nisporeni (Moldova). It is a direct continuation of the first meeting of mayors held in February 2018, as well as the “Mayor’s Platform”, launched in Strasbourg last March.

Our intervention program in Moldova was born out of the desire to not limit ourselves to punctual field work, but to bring out a real expertise associating beforehand the numerous local water actors and the State, and putting in place governance tools that can ensure the sustainability of local water and sanitation management and guarantee the quality of the water resource over time.

The program is structured around three objectives, namely:

• Supporting communities in the Nirnova Valley in carrying out and executing development projects in the water and sanitation sector.

• The inclusion of these projects in a territorial basin approach through the definition of a governance organization project and guidelines for hydraulic development of the basin.

• The formulation, at the end of the project, of a coherent overall hydraulic program on the basin.

The mission will mainly be an opportunity to discuss the statutes of an inter-municipal association of management of the drinking water and sanitation supply and to take stock of the progress made as well as future deadlines. Field visits will complete the program of meetings.



We warmly thank our partners for their valuable support

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Apele Moldovei Agency, L’Agence de l’eau Artois Picardie, l’Agence de l’eau Rhin-Meuse, Hincesti Raion, Nisporeni Raion, ENGEES, GESCOD, the French Embassy in Moldova, SDEA, Moldova’s Ministry of agriculture, regional development and environment, pS-Eau.