For improved water governance in the Nirnova Basin: results of the 2nd Mayors’ meeting

On November 7, the second mayor’s meeting was held in Nisporeni as part of our project to improve access to drinking water and sanitation in the Nirnova sub-basin, in Moldova. Bringing together all the basin’s elected representatives and with a desire to improve the local and participative governance of the water sector, this meeting was the opportunity to exchange and discuss on a draft statute for an inter-municipal association project. Ultimately, this association will aim to position itself as a project owner for water and sanitation projects throughout the basin and to stimulate a development dynamic.

In other words, its mission will be to:

  • Design the Development Strategy and action plans for Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Services (DWSS);
  • Identify and increase funding opportunities;
  • Delegate infrastructure and network management to technical operators;
  • Monitor the smooth progress of investment projects;
  • Support the maintenance of a good ecological state of water resources;
  • Establish an exchange platform between the various local public authorities, the citizens and the operator.

The presence of Mrs. Belecciu, institutional expert in charge of writing this draft statute, allowed constructive exchanges with local elected representatives who showed a clear motivation to join the association and to undertake an inter-municipal collaboration process. The meeting allowed to remove uncertainty about some of the most important elements in the association text, which will be revised before submission to various municipal councils for validation and signature by future members.

We will continue our efforts to support our Moldova partners in this pilot and cooperative approach to ensure the implementation of better water and sanitation governance throughout the Nirnova basin.

We warmly thank our partners for their valuable support

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Apele Moldovei Agency, L’Agence de l’eau Artois Picardie, l’Agence de l’eau Rhin-Meuse, Moldova’s Ministry of agriculture, regional development and environment, Hincesti Raion, Nisporeni Raion, ENGEES, GESCOD, the French Embassy in Moldova, SDEA, pS-Eau.