Moldova: Mayors’ Platform on Community Water and Sanitation Management

The first Mayors’ Platform was held in Strasbourg from March 26 to 29, 2018.

The first Mayor’s Platform was held in the context of the water and sanitation project in The Norniva Basin in Moldova. Elected officials from Moldova and eastern France met for workshops, debates and visits to water installations. The Platform  is a tool that was put into place by the project in order to implement better water governance, an essential feature of all development projects.

Held over three days, this first meeting brought together Moldovan and French elected officials over the theme of inter-community water and sanitation management. It was also an occasion for the project partners to renew their commitments to the initiative.

On the agenda: three days of debates on water governance, visits to water and sanitation infrastructure in the Saverne-Marmoutier region, and workshops on a variety of themes. The field visits were coordinated by the Water and Sanitation Committee of Alsace-Moselle (SDEA).

We extend our sincerest thanks to our partners for their invaluable support: the Rhin-Meuse Water Agency, the Artois-Picardie Water Agency, the SDEA Alsace-Moselle, and GESCOD.

Thank you also to the Moldovan delegation for their tireless involvement: representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Development and Environment, the directors of the Apele Moldovei agency and ApaCanal Nisporeni, the representatives of the raions of Hincesti and Nisporeni, and the mayors of Marinici, Siscani, Cateleni and Miresti.

We warmly thank our partners for their valuable support

  agence rhin meuse  ambassade france en moldavie 
Thanks to Agence de l’eau Artois Picardie, l’Agence de l’eau Rhin-Meuse, ENGEES, GESCOD, the French Embassy in Moldova, SDEA (Syndicat des Eaux et de l’Assainissement d’Alsace-Moselle) and pS-Eau.

Thanks also to the Moldova delegation members for their faultless committment: representatives of Moldova’s Ministry of agriculture, Apele Moldovei’s director, the mayors from the municipalities of Marinici, Siscani, Cateleni et Miresti, representatives from the  Hîncesti and Nisporeni Raions, and ApaCanal Nisporeni’s director.