#TonFuturTonClimat launches in Ouagadougou

Your Future, Your Climate (#TonFuturTonClimat) officially launched on November 28, 2017 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, when the project partners met over two days to kick off activities.

By 2019, the initiative will be strengthening youth capacities and climate change resilience in three West African countries. Youth-led micro-projects will target the agro-forestry sector in Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo.

The first day of meetings brought together the country partners (PNE-Burkina, PNE-Benin, Eau Vive/Direction Togo), the Global Water Partnership-West Africa and the SIE team, who are coordinating the initiatives. On the same day, over 20 representatives of several local youth associations working on water and sanitation issues, the SDGs, sustainable development came to present the initiative and to make concrete commitments. Many of them pledged to contribute to the initiative, through sharing of knowledge and expertise, or through outreach to other mobilized youth.

This meeting also allowed partners to discuss project implementation, touching on technical aspects, communication, monitoring and capitalization of shares.

#TonFuturTonClimat aims to strengthen the capacities of youth to adapt their agricultural and forestry practices to the impacts of climate change through a body of training, practical community-based dialogue and the implementation of three micro-enterprises in three different countries:

  • With the support of the National Water Partnership (PNE), a youth association from one of the communes of Samba, Ziniaré, Koubri or Komki-Ipala in Burkina Faso will implement a project to optimize agriculture water use with renewable energy. They will construct a solar-powered drip system to irrigate the land used for market gardening production.
  • In Togo, the pilot project will allow the association of the young Braves of Appéyémé in the community of Danyi-Apéyémé-Todomé to develop a sheepfold, acquire material for composting and agro-ecological gardening and Install ECOSAN toilets. Byproducts from the toilets will also benefit the project.
  • In Benin, young people from Kouandé commune will help restore the lands in the head of the Mekrou basin by establishing a cashew plantation and installing improved ovens for households and livestock units. processing of cassava, soybeans and paddy rice.

The meeting was covered by local journalists.

#TonFuturTonClimat has been made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Québec and the Global Water Partnership.