Intergenerational Dialogue at Geneva Peace Week 2019

The International Secretariat for Water along with organizing and participating partners – Geneva Water Hub, Geo Expertise,  the Graduate Institute, Swiss Water Partnership, Université de Genève, Water Initiative, and the World Youth Parliament for Water – are delighted to invite you to attend an Intergenerational Dialogue on Water and Peace. This Dialogue is taking place on Thursday, November 7th 9:00am – 10:15am in the context of Geneva Peace Week.

The Intergenerational Dialogue will bring together young and senior experts who will discuss the nexus between water and peace, and explore their professional research and experience in peacebuilding through three thematic dialogues:

  1. Local and inclusive water management practices for conflict prevention
  2. Water in contemporary warfare from a civilians’ perspective
  3. Fostering transboundary water cooperation

In addition to the discussion on the emerging humanitarian and diplomatic implications of water as an instrument for peace, this session will feature a special artistic intervention from the “Imagine BluePeace” call produced by the International Secretariat for Water, the World Youth Parliament for Water and the Geneva Water Hub.

*Mandatory double registration required:

  • via theUNOG registration system – INDICO
  • via EventBrite (to attend the event)