From November 16 to 21, 2018, Solidarity Water Europe organized, in partnership with the city of Strasbourg and AMSED (migrations, solidarity and exchanges association for development), a #WaterGeneration meeting of young Europeans in the context of the Club of Strasbourg’s 16th Assembly, a European network connecting nearly 60 partner cities and of which Strasbourg plays the leading role. In total, 50 young people from 14 countries took part in this event.

Meeting for the first time in this unprecedented configuration and in the presence of the Mayor of Strasbourg, Mr Roland RIES and the Deputy Mayor in charge of European and International Relations, Mrs Nawel RAFIK-ELMRINI, the Strasbourg Club has unanimously adopted a Youth and European Cities Manifesto on the Future of Europe.

This Manifesto calls for the realization of concrete actions in two areas identified as priorities: solidarity and citizenship as well as climate and environmental issues. Among the youth’s proposals is a call to reconcile European citizens with the founding values of the Union, in order to make it more inclusive and ready to face the challenges ahead. At the same time, and fully taking into account the current major environmental issues putting our natural resources under pressure, recommendations were made in favor of better protection of water resources, especially in the face of increasing agricultural pollution.


Youth and European Cities Manifesto on the Future of Europe

The Youth and Cities Manifesto of the Strasbourg Club is the network’s contribution to citizen consultations on Europe. It will be sent to the representatives of the European institutions as well as to the Heads of State and Government in the perspective of the European Council held next December 13 and 14.

This project was developed over a structured dialogue process, conducted between representatives of youth and European policy makers, while fully respecting the logic of the ISW-SWE #WaterGeneration Youth Strategy. This strategy is aimed at establishing bridges and openings between water, youth and other global issues (civil society, climate, peace and security, citizenship) thus allowing the development of a transversal reflection of youth on sustainable development.

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