Progress report of the Nirnova basin WSS master plan

On Monday, September 21st, 2020, an online meeting was held to present the progress report of the realization of the Nirnova Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) Master Plan to the local authorities of the basin.


The drafting of this master plan was launched in February 2020, in the framework of the European project EUWI+, as part of the implementation of the Prut River Basin Management Plan and to ensure coherence between the implementation of local solutions and the actions envisaged at the basin level. The master plan is implemented by a local consortium of companies with the support of Solidarity Water Europe. Indeed, the Master plan is in direct line with SWE’s project “Access to drinking water and sanitation for the villages in the Nîrnova River basin” aiming at setting up collective and participatory water governance in the basin.



The master plan is still being developed, and the finalization, including the coordination with regional and national authorities, is planned for November 2020. Twenty local public authorities (thirty localities) will benefit from the sector planning document, thus providing the local administrations with a clear overview of the WSS sector, as well as solutions to solve the issues and face the challenges related mostly to sources, water quantity, and quality, technical solutions and investment guidelines for the next 15 years.