Stockholm World Water Week: Promoting civil society and youth


For Stockholm World Water Week 2019, our team will be very busy promoting youth and civil society voices, presenting new ways for better involvement of all stakeholders. According to us, adopting an inclusive approach is a key factor for innovative solutions and approach when it comes to a sustainable and wise water management. 

We will co-convene and contribute to the following sessions:

Tuesday, August 27th | 9:00-10:30 | Room: L7

The event aims at illustrating the innovative Framework of the 9th World Water Forum and its preparatory process, including stakeholder’s involvement. Particular emphasis will be given to the engagement of the youth in this process and how their activities are connected to it. The event will conclude following an open questions and answers session.

  • Partnering for Innovation Generation #YouthforWaterandClimate

Tuesday, August 27th | 16:00-17:30 | Room: Young Professional Booth – D01

The Youth for Water and Climate Platform features an afternoon of activities dedicated to supporting youth-led projects and social businesses brought to you by ISW-SIE along with the Global Water Partnership, Young Water Solutions and CEWAS

Tuesday, August 27th | 16:00-17:30 | Room: L8

The session will dialogue on multifaceted challenges of human displacement, focusing on climate- and water triggered migration.  Experts will share their insights for transitioning from ‘business as usual’ to innovative thinking/foresight for addressing conflict and human security in regions undergoing water crises, conflicts and deviation from peace and political stability.

  • Intergenerational Dialogue for Water and Peace : Launch of The Water Diplomat

Wednesday, August 28th | 9:00-10:30 | Room: Swiss Water Partnership Booth – B12

We invite you to join us for a dynamic discussion on the emerging humanitarian and diplomatic implications of water in a changing world. In partnership with the Geneva Water Hub the « Intergenerational Dialogue for Water and Peace » will engage young water leaders and experts to share insights and explore common solutions for a sustainable, and peaceful future.It will also be the officially launch of The Water Diplomat, a new freely available media dedicated to hydropolitics and hydrodiplomacy, jointly produced by OOSKAnews and the Geneva Water Hub. 

  • Enabling Regional and Strategic Youth Actions with the World Youth Parliament for Water

Wednesday, August 28th | 12:00-15:00 | Room: Young Professional Booth – D01

As WYPW works to leverage the ability of young people to bridge across silos and scales, our activities at this booth will feature strategies for partnerships between national and regional youth networks and regional initiatives.

  • Launch – New Branding for the World Youth Parliament for Water

Wednesday, August 28th | 14:30-15:00 | Room: Young Professional Booth – D01

Join us and discover the new face of the World Youth Parliament for Water. Not only the new visual identity will be reveal, but also the how this new visual identity will help to reflect the network and their 30+ National Parliaments. 

Thursday, August 29th | 9:00-10:30 | Room: L9

The session will present intergenerational dialogues as an approach to reform decision making in the water sector and promote youth inclusion. Policy and decision making processes in the water sector urgently need to make space for youth engagement as youth voices, actions and solutions are essential to achieve the SDGs. 


Photos from last year at SWWW