Solidarity Water Europe celebrates World Water Day

Once again in 2018, Solidarity Water Europe celebrated World Water Day on March 22, meeting with the public in Strasbourg and mobilizing youth for the cause of water.

On World Water Day 2018, we brought together three groups of youth:

  • 20 Eco-Delegates from the Collège Albert-Camus in Soufflenheim
  • A high school science class from Lycée Marcel Rudloff in Strasbourg
  • The student association of the National School for Water and Environmental Engineering of Strasbourg (ENGEES)

Over the last few months, we have collaborated with the young engineers from ENGEES to design and give in-class workshops on water challenges. Topics include water usage, water-related conflicts around the world and sustainable resource management.

After these workshops, final-year students were able to participate in an advocacy action organized at Place d’Austerlitz in Strasbourg. As spokespeople for the cause of water, students met with the public to inform about the major challenges that World Water Day seeks to draw attention to.

At the Collège Albert-Camus, the eco-delegates organized a Water Information Day in collaboration with the teaching staff.

In line with #WaterGeneration, the ISW-SWE youth strategy, this initiative contributed to:

  • Reinforcing and extending the youth movement for water
  • Encouraging high school and college students to be engaged citizens
  • Raise youth awareness of different water-related challenges
  • Enable youth to be spokespeople for water
  • Raise awareness of World Water Day and associated challenges among the Strasbourg public

SWE would like to thank the students, teachers and staff from the College Albert-Camus, Lycée Marcel Rudlof and ENGEES for taking part in this project.