In Strasbourg, youth is mobilizing for water!

On the occasion of World Water Day on 22 March and with the support of the City of Strasbourg, the ENGEES, the Water Agencies Rhin-Meuse and Artois-Picardie and the Special Envoy for Water at SDC, François Münger, Solidarity Water Europe organized various events which had as a central point the involvement of the youth. SEE wished to focus on the theme “Water and Peace”.

Thus it was decided to organize this event in three stages:

1. The preparation of a first class class at the Lycée Jean Monnet in Neudorf – Strasbourg in order to give young people the necessary bases to participate in the exchanges on the theme “Water and Peace”

The students worked in three sessions in the form of articles, videos and images to familiarize themselves with the theme. They also had the opportunity to train in the debate, where they showed a real need to express themselves.

2. The holding of a round table on 21 March at the Strasbourg City Hall to exchange with other young people on the commitment to water and in particular on the theme “Water and Peace”

During this exchange, the young people were able to ask their questions to the various participants. They were able to talk with the young people on the panel and a young student in an engineering school (ENGEES) who explained their journey of civic engagement.

3. Public awareness by a stand installed at Place Kléber in Strasbourg on 22 March

A stand was installed and animated on March 22, 2017 from 9 am to 6 pm, Place Kléber. Groups of 4 to 5 students from the Jean Monnet High School took turns throughout the day to ensure a permanent presence in order to approach the public, answer questions and distribute information materials. Awareness-raising materials were made available to help them get to the passers-by. The youth and the SWE team wore t-shirts bearing the logo of the event.

More than 750 people of all ages have been concerned by all of these actions.

The event was also covered by one of the students, with the excellent article that follows!

Participation des élèves de 1S3 à la journée mondiale de l’eau