Summary of ISW’s activities at COP22

Review of the presence of ISW at COP22

After a highly ambitious Conference of the Parties in 2015, this year COP22 took place under the theme of action and urgency to act. Thus, participants from all around the world came together to share their initiatives, innovations and ambitions to counter climate change. The International Secretariat for Water was present in part thanks to the support of LOJIQ and had the opportunity to participate in several events. Here is a summary of our activities at COP22.


Among the non-state actors, youth and civil society were represented through various activities organized by ISW and the Office Franco-Québécois pour la jeunesse (OFQJ). French youth and members of the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) were present to make their voices heard on the issues of water and climate. With the collaboration of the Global Water Partnership (GWP), the White Paper project launched at the COP21 in Paris was also able to move from ambition to action with the announcement of a platform for youth projects on water and climate.

Following the recommendations presented in the White Paper in 2015, several initiatives have been implemented by young people around the world. In order to better support youth projects, by providing funding opportunities, technical knowledge and visibility for youth initiatives, a platform is being developed in partnership with the Global Water Partnership, the OFQJ and AgroParis Tech. The presentation of this project was a key element of ISW youth activities at COP22.

Water Days

On 8 and 9 November, events took place under the theme of water. Together with its partners, ISW participated actively in a working session with the GWP and young people from all over the world (including members of the WYPW) in order to contribute to the platform project. The results were then presented at a press conference where Vivien Deloge, a member of the PMJE, took the floor to present the history of the project and the youth initiatives of his network.

Session de travail animée par le GWP.
Working session lead by the GWP.
Conférence de presse sur la plateforme jeunesse
Press conference on the youth platform

Members of the European Youth Parliament for Water (EYPW) were also present. Léa Basterrechea, Ismail Laghmiri (vice-presidents), Clara Michel (member) and Hannane Sellali of ISW hosted a side-event on water privatization and its impact on water shortages due Climate change. The workshop, which was intended as a role-playing activity, was a great success, and well received by the participants. Following this event, members of both Parliaments (WYPW and EYPW) presented their organizations and projects at the UNESCO panel on water governance.

PEJE, PMJE et SIE au side-event du PEJE à la COP22
EYPW, WYPW and ISW et SIE  at EYPW’s side-event during COP22
Vivien Deloge à la session de l'UNESCO
Session de l’UNESCO
Back to Climate Chance

Then, while the organizers of Climate Chance (held last September in Nantes) took the floor to present their perspectives for the future, the members of the youth delegation of OFQJ were able to express themselves on the importance of including young people in decision-making. It should be noted that the ISW is a signatory to the Nantes declaration.


Bernard Soulage avec la délégation de l'OFQJ et le SIE
Bernard Soulage avec la délégation de l’OFQJ et le SIE
Blue Passport and “Green Fund” (Fonds Vert) of the Government of Quebec

COP22 has also been an opportunity for the ISW to meet some political personalities. It was during one of the appearances of French Minister of the Environment, Mrs. Ségolène Royal, that ISW and INBO jointly presented her with a Blue Passport in order to underline her involvement in the water sector and the management of watersheds in France. Mrs., Judith Enaw, the new Secretary General of CICOS, also received a passport in recognition of her accomplishments in the water sector during the same event in the blue zone on the France pavillon.

Ségolène Royal Passeport Bleu
INBO and ISW handing a Blue Passport to Ségolène Royal

Then, by joining Quebec civil society, ISW was able to make its projects and youth networks shine with the Government of Quebec. Indeed, the ISW presented its youth expertise and initiatives in partnership with the GWP and LOJIQ / OFQJ on the pavilion of the International Organization of Francophonie (OIF). Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and Minister of the Environment David Heurtel announced the launch of a Green Fund for francophone youth projects related to climate change. This new funding for youth projects will be in partnership with the OIF, LOJIQ and the Institut de la Francophonie pour le Développement Durable (IFDD). The International Secretariat for Water welcomes this news, which is very much in line with its initiatives in the sector.

COP22 Pavillon de l'OIF
P. Couillard, D. Heurtel at the pavillion of OIF
COP22 Gouv QC
Quebec civil society at COP22

Plus,  the ISW had the opportunity to present its activities and parliaments in an interview with Ooska News. An article will soon be published on the website, to follow …

Raymond Jost

Finally, a small ceremony commemorating the founder of the ISW-SWE, Raymond Jost, was organized at COP22 by some of his good friends. It was an opportunity to highlight the sweet moments and accomplishments of this great man in the water sector.

Commémoration de Raymond Jost à la COP22
Commemoration of Raymond Jost at COP22