SWE and the EYPW join Water Europe, for a water smart society

We have become a member of Water Europe, a platform initiated by the European Commission and working towards a transition to a European water smart society. Today, Water Europe (WE) is the voice and promoter of innovation and research and development in the field of water in Europe.


ISW-SWE and the European Parliament of the network we run at European level – the European Youth Parliament for Water (EYPW) – join a vast multi-stakeholder network with over 200 members from academia, technology providers, water users, water service providers, civil society and public authorities.


Through this platform, we will continue to exert our influence and to defend our vision and values so that water can be accessible everywhere and for everyone in sufficient quality and quantity and managed in a fair, inclusive and resilient manner.


As the current COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital importance of access to water, the members of Water Europe have formulated a series of proposals for an effective way out of the crisis in Europe, fully integrating water issues. We have participated in the elaboration of these influential proposals so that the importance of involving all citizens, and especially young water professionals, in the design and implementation of water policies is given its rightful place.


More inclusive water management is indeed a guarantee of increased trust between citizens and political decision-makers and allows young people to create opportunities and to be actors of change.


The document is available below:

Download the document

Thanks to our partners to support our action of mobilization of the youth in Europe; the Water Agency Artois Picardie and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.