Synthesis of the global advocacy consultation

The Butterfly Effect launched a consultation process this summer 2021 to gather a set of advocacy messages representing the voices and priorities expressed by NGOs and CSOs active in the water sector at the global level.

In total, 44 contributions from NGOs and CSOs around the world were received. The following synthesis presents the results of this consultation, and is structured as follows

  • Part 1: The current situation of the water and sanitation sector worldwide
  • Part 2: Policy changes and actions needed
  • Part 3: Messages to decision makers
  • Part 4: CSO/NGO actions in the water sector
  • Part 5: Role of the international community

A few strong propositions already emerged, amongst them:  show a strong political will in the field of water and sanitation, strengthen legal and institutional frameworks and water governance, make concrete financial commitments for water and sanitation, strengthen civil society and ensure citizen participation, deliver on commitments and be accountable, improve international cooperation and the multilateral framework for water and sanitation.

This consultation is part of an advocacy strategy to support its members and other CSOs and NGOs active in the water sector to express their views at a high level and influence decision-makers for positive, ambitious and concrete systemic changes in the way water and sanitation are managed, while contributing to the implementation of SDG6.

The Butterfly Effect has identified two major overarching goals for its advocacy process:

  1. The Heads of State Summit of the 9th World Water Forum (Dakar, March 2022)
  2. The UN Conference on the Water Decade 2023 (New York, March 2023)

This consultation will be followed by regional online workshops and will lead to the development of a policy paper compiling the policy demands expressed by NGOs and CSOs.

Download the Consultation synthesis in English, French or Spanish

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