#TFTC: A New Resource for Youth

The #TonFuturTonClimat initiative seeks to develop sustainable and economically viable model projects that have a tangible impact on populations and where young leaders from rural and peri-urban areas will be at the heart of design, planning and implementation. The project aims to put climate change resilience at the heart of local economic development through changes in practices and the strengthening of youth capacities and knowledge. The project is being implemented in Benin, Burkina Faso and Togo through a complementary collaboration of international, regional and local partner organizations. The project was officially launched in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso in November 2017.

With regard to the component focusing on capacity building of project actors and stakeholders, it is planned to develop specific technical guides* for each of the beneficiaries in the three countries.

*Please note that the technical guides are available in French only.



In Burkina Faso, this involves the development and validation of a technical guide for good farm management for adaptation to climate change for beneficiary young farmers’ associations in the rural commune of Loumbila.



In Benin, this project is part of the initiative called “Support for the restoration of ecosystems at the head of the Mekrou basin and environmental education”. It is implemented and developed by the PNE-Benin at the head of the Mekrou basin since May 2018, in the district of Birni (Kouandé Commune) and aims to contribute to the restoration of the ecosystems of the Head of the Mekrou River Watershed, one of the major tributaries of the Niger River, through the mobilization of the juvenile layer and environmental education of this important target. The project’s intervention strategy recognizes the place of youth in the definition of sustainable solutions to climate change and positions them as actors in the implementation of activities in the field.



In Togo, this involves the development and validation of a practical guide to help create and develop associations at the rural or semi-urban level for young people. Although this guide is rooted in the Togolese reality, it can also serve as a reference in other neighboring countries.



The International Secretariat for Water and the Global Water Partnership – West Africa would like to thank all the stakeholders of the TonFuturTonClimat project. In particular, its financial backers without whom the project could not take place, i.e. the Government of Quebec and the Global Water Partnership. We would also like to highlight the excellent work of the national partners from Burkina Faso, Togo and Benin, namely the National Water Partnership of Burkina Faso, the National Water Partnership of Benin and Eau Vive Togo. Finally, ISW and GWP-WA were able to count on an experienced and committed team that enabled this pilot project to achieve its objectives and innovate for the benefit of local communities and youth associations.