The adventures of ISW-SWE and Raymond Jost

A year ago, Raymond Jost, founder of the International Secretariat for Water (1990) and Solidarity Water Europe (1998), left us. A year ago, the team of the International Secretariat for Water – Solidarity Water Europe, its Board of Directors and its close partners have pledged to remain committed to the cause of water and to honor Paul Valery’s quote which Raymond loved so much:

“True tradition in great things is not to redo what others have done, but to regain the spirit which has made the great things and which would make all of the others in other times”.

Today, looking back on the past year, we can say “mission accomplished”!

• In Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the cost recovery model implemented by the ISW continues to guarantee sustainable access to water and sanitation for the population while contributing to strengthening local governance.

• In Moldova, in the Nirnova basin, Ecosan blocks have been set up in the schools of three villages and a new, even more ambitious project has just begun.

• In Peru, after the success of the Cuchoquesera project, which provided access to drinking water and sanitation for the inhabitants of an indigenous community at an altitude of over 5,000 meters, phase 2 will begin soon in a nearby community.

• Eight projects carried out by the delegations of the 13th European Youth Parliament for Water were supported by scholarships funded by the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

• The 14th European Youth Parliament for Water is in preparation to be held in Italy on the theme “Water and Peace”.

• The ISW-SWE is actively participating in the preparation of the 2018 World Water Forum, coordinating PEOPLE (water, sanitation, health) for the NGO coalition Butterfly Effect associated by being associated with projects giving a strong voice to civil society and in particular youth.

• In 2017, young people will be mobilized and prepared for the next Assembly of the World Youth Parliament for Water.

• A new strategy for ISW-SWE is being developed. It contributes to strengthening the Youth Movement for Water.

• The Blue Book International Steering Committee is in full swing: a new Blue Book was created in Mali, and the process was launched in Peru – the first Blue Book in Latin America!

Thanks to the friendship of his accomplices, Raymond Jost continues his adventure in a comic book alongside his friend Prosper Hippopotamus. The aim of this book is not only to pay him tribute, but also to continue his actions for water, the key to development and “shared prosperity”.

If you wish to contribute to the development of this comic book by a testimony and / or a financial contribution, please contact Solidarity Water Europe ( or refer to our website.

The team of the International Water Secretariat – Solidarity Water Europe and its Board of Directors