The European Youth Parliament for Water signs the manifesto of the EU Water Alliance

ISW-SWE and its European Youth Parliament for Water (EYPW)  have joined the EU Water Alliance, and as such, have contributed to the drafting of its new Manifesto ”Opportunity and necessity for Europe to build Water-Smart society and circular economy”.   

With this manifesto, the EU Water Alliance aims to highlight the urgent water challenges facing Europe and define the actions needed to address them. The issue of water is set to become one of the most pressing challenges for the coming years, as highlighted in the recent UN-Water 2020 report “Water and Climate Change”. Europe must prepare to prevent water-related disasters by making its society more resilient. 

The EU Water Alliance, composed of a wide range of stakeholders, therefore addresses, through this document, key messages to the European Commission to ensure that water is fully taken into account in the European Green Deal in order to achieve a smooth transition and leave no one behind.  

Key messages of the manifesto:  

  • water smart society to solve and prevent water crises.   
  • Green growth is an opportunity for Europe’s recovery from the COVID19 crisis and will not be successful without water at the heart of the agenda.   
  • High environmental standards must be ensured and implemented.  
  • It is imperative to support nature-based solutions as much as possible.  
  • Digital is at the heart of better water resource management and more sustainable growth.    
  • For good management of resources and local solutions, Europe must promote inclusive, transparent, and multi-stakeholder water governance to engage citizens. 


This manifesto, along with advocacy letters that we co-signed, was shared with the European Commissioners through official letters. 

You can consult the manifesto below 

Thanks to our partners to support our action of mobilization of the youth in Europe; the Water Agency Artois Picardie and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.