#WaterGeneration Bambey Meetup – Youth in action for water, peace & sustainable development

In collaboration with numerous partners (see below for the list of partners), we organised a Meetup in Bambey from 11-14 December 2018 and it was a success!

The daily life of many Senegalese remains precarious because of water issues: lack of access to drinking water, pollution and waste accumulation increasing health risks, unsustainable use of the resource for agriculture, low adaptation capacity to the impacts of climate change, etc.

We have been supporting youth mobilization and action at regional and international level for many years. This meetup is part of , our 2017-2021 youth strategy, articulated around three programs and a resource center. The overall action at the heart of this strategy is to mobilize, connect and support young people aged 18 to 27 to strengthen the Youth for Water movement.

These four days of activities are based on a democratic and participative approach. More precisely, they include:

  • active learning activities and debates with renowned experts;
  • hands-on field workshops (case studies, roleplay, etc.) with experts and local communities;
  • creative workshops for project development;
  • developing a strategy for youth projectsimplementation;
  • planning actions for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;
  • meetings and exchanges with local decision makers.

This meeting will be held under the theme: “Youth in Action: Water, Peace and Sustainable Development”, in order to make the connection with the efforts led by Alioune Diop University, as well as preparing youth for the 9th World Water Forum in 2021.

Supporting the implementation of youth projects was at the heart of the -Bambey programme. Congratulations to team ‘Jeunesse Force Bleue’ for winning a grant for its sensitization and networking project to reduce the wasting of water by students!

See Janurary 4th’s article in the Soleil (French only) about this workshop.

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