#WaterGeneration Grants: Round 2 of submissions open until March 1

Are you a young European looking to make a difference for water in your community? Are you a member of a youth parliament for water aged from 18-27? We’re offering financing for your projects with WaterGeneration Grants. Round 2 of submissions is now open until midnight on March 1. Apply today and help make a difference.

A total of 15,000 CHF (approximately 14,500 euro) is available to be divided between the winning projects. The exact amount you receive depends on different criteria, but past projects have received between 2500-3500 euro.

Important note: To be considered for this project you must 1) be a national of a member state of the Council of Europe (includes Morocco) from 18-27, and 2) be a current or former participant of a youth parliament for water. This includes past editions of the European Youth Parliament for Water, and other regional/national events.

We recognize that good projects are team efforts, and team members who are outside the age limit or nationals of different countries are of course welcome to be a part of the team. The division of labour is up to you to determine – all we ask is that the lead applicant whose signature will appear on the contract meets the criteria.

As part of your application, we will ask you to complete a proposed budget and calendar.  Download the templates here. Your figures don’t have to be exact, but more accurate, the better. It helps reassure us that you know how you will spend your grant if you are selected.

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Example of a past project

European Youth Parliament for Water

More information on grants

Frequently Asked Questions:

I already applied to the first round of submissions before February 15, can I apply again?

If you already applied, you have two choices. We can consider your original application, or you can submit a new application.

How do I budget for my project when I don’t know how much I will receive? 

First ask yourself what you need to complete your project. Is it a purely local event or will you need to bring in people from other regions/countries? What kind of materials involved? Will you be advertising on social media? And so on. Try to work step by step – Google is your friend. We don’t expect you to account for all of your costs perfectly ahead of time. Our selection committee will be looking for evidence that you understand the costs involved in planning and implementing your project, and that you’ve done some preliminary research that is, by and large, realistic.

Past projects have received an average of 2500-3500 euros, so start in that range! We can’t guarantee that you will receive an amount in this range if selected  – every project is unique. Contact Anne-Catherine with questions.

This is such a big task and I don’t know where to start, please help! 

Project planning can seem intimidating when you first start. One thing that makes everything more manageable is breaking down all the things you need to do into as many small parts as possible. For instance, first you brainstorm for ideas, then you ask for feedback, then contact friends and colleagues, build a team, come up with a name for your project, etc. And ask for help – from friends, colleagues, coworkers, professors, and anyone you can think of. Lessons and experience can come from surprising places.

For questions please contact Anne-Catherine Mercuri at amercuri@see-swe.org

Who is financing the grants? 

#WaterGeneration Grants are financed the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the Agence de l’Eau Artois-Picardie (Artois-Picardie Water Agency), both of whom are generous supporter of the ISW-SWE movement’s youth initiatives.