#WaterGeneration : Launching a Global Youth Hub


Wednesday November 28th, the International Secretariat for Water, in partnership with Montreal International , launched its new ”Global hub for Youth and Water”. The launch ceremony, which happened at the Maison du développement durable gathered over 70 guests : decision-makers, youth and members of the international community of Montreal. It followed the workshop “WaterGeneration Beyond Borders : Co-creating the future we want”, which was an opportunity to gather, mobilize and connect over 30 young water leaders around the issues, challenges and opportunities that water represents.

Official Launch Ceremony

Several guests took the floor to underline the importance of reinforcing the role of youth in establishing sustainable and concrete solutions in issues related to water.

The Deputy Minister of the Minister of International Relations and la Francophonie (MRIF), Mrs Hélène Drainville, underscored the relevance of the establishment of a Youth Hub for Water, in Montreal, which as a city now regroups more than 70 international organizations. Comments shared by Hubert Bolduc, President and Chief Executive Director of Montreal International.

Mrs Suzie Miron, associated adviser to infrastructure, water the status of Women by the City of Montreal, voiced her belief that the implication and citizen’s awareness to the complex issues relating to water will enable concrete solutions to be put in place, as some will only work if everyone contributes to the effort.

By her contagious energy, Stephanie Woodworth, Canadian Representative at the World Youth Parliament for Water, encouraged the guests to reconnect with the water inside of them by miming what it represents to us in life, be it love, peace, energy or home.

Connecting Local to Global Youth initiatives with a First Nation’s approach

Abraham Francis and Sonny Brayden White, both member of the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne took the floor to share the words of Chief Tobi Mitchell. 

They affirmed the importance of recognizing and considering the Indigenous approach in issues related to water, notably in cases of community-based solutions.

With closing remarks, Sarah Dousse, Executive Director of the ISW, recalled the relevance of establishing the Global Hub and the essential role played by young water leaders in implementing innovative solutions to water issues. She also thanked and noted the close partnership with the City of Montreal, the government of Quebec and the government of Canada to accomplish the objectives set in opening the Global Hub.

The official launch ceremony of the new Global Hub for youth, water and sustainable development follows a two-day workshop #WaterGeneration beyond-borders: Co-Creating the future we want” which was hosted in partnership with Montreal International and the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.

You can learn more about the workshop here

Montreal International, Minister of International Relations and la Francophonie, Government of Canada, City of Montreal