#WaterGeneration Meetup Ouagadougou – Nov 30–Dec 4

This Thursday in Burkina Faso, the International Secretariat for Water will unite 30 French-speaking youth from across Africa for #WaterGeneration Meetup – Ouagadougou.

Over four days, they will participate in discussions, project workshops, social events and field visits. . The ISW is organizing this event to mobilize young Africans involved in the water sector, in collaboration with Eau Vive Internationale and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. The participants will expand their knowledge and capacities to make real generational change for water, and will collectively draft a Youth Vision For Water to be presented next spring at the World Water Forum in Brasilia. The Vision will also be a part of the next World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) General Assembly, the global youth network meeting alongside the Forum. The WYPW is an ISW initiative now entering its sixteenth year.

The theme of #WaterGeneration Meetup is Innovative Ideas For Better Resource Sharing, building on the World Water Forum’s theme of Sharing Water. The event is also a part of the Blue Peace movement.

Participants visiting the Zika dam that provides drinking water to Ouagadougou.

Throughout 2017, the International Secretariat for Water—Solidarity Water Europe group brought together youth of the world with a passion for water. Events took place in Central Asia, Europe and North America. Participants developed collective Visions all leading to the goals of the World Youth Parliament for Water’s General Assembly. As the final event of 2017, #WaterGeneration Meetup – Ouagadougou will bring the voices of African youth to the forefront and cement the foundations of a global youth vision for water.

#WaterGeneration Meetup will take place at the SIL Centre in downtown Ouagadougou from November 30–December 4. The participants have been preselected on the basis of their experience and motivation. Follow the ISW on social media to stay up to date on the latest news.

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