World Youth Parliament for Water – Daegu & Gyeongbuk General Assembly 2015

In the framework of the 7th World Water Forum, the 3rd WYPW General Assembly was held from April 5 to 17 in Gyeongju, South Korea

For one week, young parliamentarians exchanged on water and sanitation issues and have shared their respective initiatives. They were able to present their visions and commitments for water and develop an Action plan for the next three years: 2015-2018.

They create a toolbox and proposed some actions that you can discover with the videos that they made on the YouTube Chanel.

Also, they wrote a statement to present their ideas, first during the Forum and then back home. Read it here.

The second week, the parliamentarians had the opportunity to present their ideas and actions during the 7th World Water Forum.

Read our complete report here.