World Youth Parliament for Water – General Assembly Marseille 2012

The 2012 Marseilles Forum was all about finding solutions, one of which was to structure and ensure the continued participation of youths in the World Water Forums by implementing the World Youth Parliament for Water, which was held in 2012 – and will continue to be held in the following years. The youth assembled at Aix-en-Provence and Marseille worked hard to rise up to the challenge.

Because water is a longterm issue and youths are tomorrow’s policy makers

The World Youth Parliament for Water’s primary goal was to encourage youth participation in the 6th World Water Forum:

  • Acquaint youths with the enduring impacts of their participation in the World Water Forum;
  • Encourage youths from around the world who are actively working on water projects and initiatives to meet and cooperate;
  • Train youths to become eco-citizens and introduce them to water policy;
  • Nurture future players and professionals of the water scene by familiarizing them with water related professions;
  • Promote youths’ ongoing participation.