WYPW has a fresh new look!

Wednesday August 28th, the World Youth Parliament for Water (WYPW) revealed their new visual identity, in addition to the fresh branding the visual identity places an emphasis on the ripple effect of youth-led actions across five regions.

Activities at the young professionals booth were designed to reflect on how the network and 30+ National Parliaments can  bridge across silos and scales, to align youth strategies between global and regional youth networks and regional initiatives.

In a roundtable format, Lindsey Aldaco-Manner was joined by Minh Nguyen of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Philip Kruse of the Water Youth Network (WYN), Fatimatou Sall Ndiaye of AJPEAS and Rianna Gonzales, the Youth Engagement Officer at the Global Water Partnership (GWP). The face to face exchange generated interesting discussion about the early engagement of young people in the development of youth strategies and metrics for measuring success and formalizing youth inclusion.

The day ended with our executive Director, Sarah Dousse, who held the honour of opening the launch by speaking to the history and inception of WYPW. Monika Weber-Fahr Executive Secretary of Global Water Partnership then spoke to the importance of regional youth strategies. After that, Mufleh Aref Haza’ Alalaween, from the Swiss Development and Cooperation Agency (SDC), spoke to their ongoing support of youth inclusion in the water sector. Lindsey Aldaco-Manner, President of World Youth Parliament for Water concluded by launching the new logo and visual identity that reflects WYPW’s regional approach.


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