YWC Call for proposals!

Be Bold. Be Creative. Get Support.

The International Secretariat for Water is pleased to announce a call for proposals for youth-led projects, through the Youth for Water and Climate #YWC Platform! Deadline to submit: 16 October 2018.

This call for proposals has been designed to identify, encourage and support youth engagement related to water management and climate change adaptation. It will enable youth from around the world to access financial support to help implement innovative and creative water and climate projects.

How to apply

To apply, fill out the project template, then visit the Youth for Water and Climate platform to submit your project online (don’t forget to upload your filled out project template in Word under “Project Brief Upload” in the online submission form). Follow the Submit a project steps!

The call is open from 18 September to 16 October 2018. All project submissions received in that period will be admissible.

If you have trouble submitting your project online, please send your project file using the project template to: ywcplatform@gmail.com

Prize & Incentives

The selected projects will receive financial support of up to 3500 euros each. These projects will be featured on the YWC platform where they will be able to interact with other supporters, including technical experts, that can help them scale up their projects. In addition, every selected project will be featured in YWC outreach activities in the following months, including through a project poster showcase during COP24.

Activities and timeline

Submission deadline: 16 October 2018.
Announcement of the results to the project leaders: 9 November – 2 December 2018.
Showcase of winning projects: COP24 – December 2018

View the full details of the call here.

Contact the YWC Secretariat at ywcplatform@gmail.com

This call for proposals is organized under the Youth for Water and Climate (#YWC) platform by the YWC Secretariat, composed of the Global Water Partnership, University AgroParisTech and the International Secretariat for Water. It is also made possible thanks to the contribution of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.