34th AGUASAN Conference on Water and Sanitation


Young water professionals: Big Data is now a fact of life, but how can it improve water and sanitation management? At the 34th annual AGUASAN Conference, to be held from June 25-29 in Spiez, Switzerland, you can explore the possibilities with experts and other young professionals. The theme is Leveraging the data revolution – informed decision-making for better water and sanitation management.

The focus of this year’s AGUASAN Workshop will be on improving evidenced-based decision- making for more priority-driven and targeted water and sanitation management. We will determine which data, processes and tools are needed and available to inform investment and O&M decisions and how stakeholders should manage this evidence-based decision-making process.

While exploring the technical and social innovations that have arisen with the data revolution, we will also look at steering measures to close gaps in data literacy and access to information and to address issues such as data sharing and privacy – amongst other challenges.

We will tackle the topic by looking at practical insights from the field and by working on case studies. The participants constitute the main knowledge resource for the event by bringing in their insights, expertise and topic-related questions. They will be supported by a team of facilitators and interactive formats to share experiences and leave the event with concrete learnings as well as strengthened professional ties. The accompanying announcement outlines the focus and the features of the workshop in more detail.

If you are interested in attending the workshop, please complete the online application form by March 20, 2018. If you wish to forward this information to colleagues and partner organisations, please feel free to do so. Five young water professionals will be sponsored to participate in the AGUASAN Workshop. The workshop steering committee will handle the selection procedure.

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