Global Handwashing Day


The World Handwashing Day will be celebrated on October 15. Much more than just a day, this event makes people aware of a simple gesture that can save lives.

This year’s theme focuses on the links between handwashing and food, including food hygiene and nutrition. Handwashing is an important element of food security, disease prevention and child growth. The slogan, “Clean hands: a recipe for good health,” reminds us to make handwashing an integral part of every meal.

To prepare an activity, consult the Planner’s Guide and the Facts sheet. We also encourage you to visit the Global Handwashing Partnership‘s ressource page or the Pedag-eau database.

We thank Programme Solidarité Eau for sending us the information displayed here.

Here are some more resources classified by media type:

•  Global handwashing banners / Banners from Ps-Eau website
•  Calls to Action for key audiences
•  Cartoons
•  Comics
•  Global Handwashing Day Review: Lessons for Planners
•  Logo
•  Theme Infographic
•  Posters & Signage
•  Social Media Toolkit

Please let us know if you organize an activity of if you found these resources useful.