#WaterGeneration Grants

#WaterGeneration Grants support innovative, creative youth water projects with an outsized impact.

In 2017, we are supporting seven projects in six countries in Europe and Africa. The recipients of the grants are young water leaders who have demonstrated passion, commitment and clarity of purpose. Their projects help the community by raising awareness, accomplishing unmet goals, and enhancing dialogue, all while equipping youth with capacity and agency. Discover our projects below.


Armenia: Civic Journalists for Water and Peace

This project will create a network of civic journalists who will successfully use the learned tools and contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about water and will raise awareness on water crimes. Also, the trainings are directed at uprooting ”learned helplessness” when witnessing water crimes and failing to address water-related challenges.

Project lead: Nare Hayrapetyan

Russia: The Volga River relay race

The Volga River occupies a cherished place in Russian legend and history. Young people are organizing a wave (relay race) of practical actions in the Volga basin in order to understand how the river connects people and together with deputies and authorities organizes the signing of an agreement on improving the environmental
situation on the river.

Project lead: Natasha Shuklina

Turkey: Untitled Project

The goal of the Project is to arise the peoples awareness for water issues and give them new ideas how to handle water management in their daily life.

Armenia: Young Water Diplomats

The purpose of the project is to create a platform where the active youth will direct their
knowledge to enciently solving the regional issues. During 3-day trainings they will learn
the necessary skills and acquire basic tools in solving environmental challenges, they will
gae basic knowledge on EYPW platform, environmental challenges of Armenia and transboundary water resource management, water resources of Armenia and Natural
resource management abuse. They will carry out field activities on the bank of Marmarik
river – cleaning it from plastic pollution. After the trainings they will write articles on the
water issues which will be published on Asparez website.

Project lead: Abel Simonyan

We are committed to funding innovative youth water projects that make a difference with concrete actions on the local level.


Water Star – Aly Simboro – Burkina Faso

Mon école n’est pas une poubelle (Benin)

Team: Edwige Agblonon, Zinsou Nounagnon Dakoz-Daunou, Rébecca Annick Nireti Lawani

Water Star (Burkina Faso)

Team: Sherita Guiro, Aly Simboro, Christiane Ouattara

École Propre et Saine (Guinea)

Team: Mamadou Bella Alpha Bakayoko