February 2019


The 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind


7 February - 8 February

Geneva, Switzerland - WIPO Conference Centre

The theme for this first edition is: « Human Rights Based Solutions for Access to Water and Sanitation ». The main goal of the event is to bring governance leaders and funding agencies together. The structure of the summit invites innovative research through a competitive call for abstracts through our combined technical networks, culminating in … Continue reading The 1st World Summit on Leaving No One Behind

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AfricaSan 5


18 February - 22 February

Cape Town, South Africa

The theme is “Transforming sanitation in Africa – Accelerating progress toward the Ngor Commitments to achieve the SDGs”. The goal is to promote prioritization of sanitation and hygiene in Africa. It is a Pan-African initiative to build momentum to address the ongoing epidemic of a lack of access to safe sanitation and large-scale open defecation. … Continue reading AfricaSan 5

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